Mixed Partner Ladder

– is in summer hiatus till fall. Please check back then!

Welcome to the Ladder

You are invited to join the ladder.     The purpose of the ladder format is to group players together of nearly similar ability and is open to anyone who registers (female or male).

  • Play will be Sundays 10:00 AM  at the Mountain View courts.
  • You do not need to find a partner.     Partners will be assigned.   Each day you will play 3 sets with 3 different partners. 
  • To PLAY:   If you have registered,  click “Sign Up by Date” and check the date(s) you will play
  • To REGISTER:   Send name,  email,  & telephone in a request email to  scovmpl@gmail.com
  • Contact:  Send an email to  scovmpl@gmail.com    or call 763-360-8167