Money raised through club activities is directed to these wonderful non-profit activities.

Casa Amigas sews clothing, blankets, quilts, sleep sacks, tote bags and crib sheets for children at risk.  Agencies to whom we donate are More Than a Bed, Impact of Southern Arizona, Amphi School District Foundation Clothing Bank, Sun Rise House, and the Veterans Hospital.

The “Cheer Bears” Club is a group of giving ladies who gather together on Wednesday afternoons at the sewing room to cutout, embroider the faces on, stitch together the bodies, stuff and sew up the stuffing hole.  ‘Voila’, and you now have a ‘Cheer Bear’ in your hand.

We produce about 400 to 500 of the lovable bears per year and disperse them to fire and police departments, charitable organizations, nursing homes, hospice…. who then give them to children and adults that need a little ‘cheering up’.  To keep these little marching we need to buy flannel, embroidery thread, weighting beads, and LOTS and LOTS of stuffing.

Our thanks, forever, goes to the SCOV Tennis Clubs for all the support they provide us.

Seniors for Kids is a group of artisans from the woodshop and sewing room, who have decided that they would spend some of their creative juices, making toys and various other items for needy children to receive during the year “to make them smile”. 

During the hoiday season we adopt approximately 30 children to send out our shoppers to purchase clothing and toys.  Each family also will receive a gift card to purchase groceries for their holiday meals.  The toys and warm items that are made all year long are dispersed at our Toy Distribution on the first Thursday in December.  All the items are displayed at 9:00 in WC3.  The entire community is invited to visit and view the creations before they are loaded in the awaiting sleighs and delivered all over the southern Arizona charitable organizations, and hospitals .

We also sponsor ‘Kuddles for Kids’ also in December to involve the entire SCOV community in collecting stuffed animals to give to southern Arizona charities for the holiday season.  Ronald McDonald House is a new recipient of these  donations.

Our primary fundraiser is the food court, rummage sale and raffles during the “Court Yard Sale”  in March.  Thank you to the Tennis Clubs for their yearly support.  They really assisted us during the pandemic when all fundraising seemed to stop.