Competitive Tennis

In an effort to further expand available tennis play on the Mountain Vista courts, a weekly schedule of competitive play has been established for tennis club members on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm.

Players will sign up each week in advance through Sign Up Genius. Two courts will be reserved each week for up to 8 players. Sign up options are for doubles play only or a willingness to play either doubles or singles. If 8 players sign up, two courts of doubles play will be held. If 6 players sign up AND 2 of these are willing to play singles, there will be one court of doubles and one court of singles play. If an odd number of players sign up, only the first 4 or first 6 to sign up will play. 

Typical play will be three full sets with rotation of doubles partners. These matches are intended to provide an opportunity for highly competitive, rigorous play with good sportsmanship. 

Below is the link to sign up for Competitive Tennis.